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Apartments and Offices Planned for Greeley and Hoffman Buildings on the Landing

The Hoffman Building is seen on the left and the Greeley Buiding is seen on the right. Photo from June.

The success of the Peper Lofts has given developer Advantes Group the go ahead for their next projects on the Landing, two building renovations. The Hoffman Building, at 700 North 2nd, is destined to be renovated into high end office space. Across Lucas, at 624 North 2nd is the Greeley Building. The Greeley Building is to be turned into 48 high end apartments overlooking Laclede's Landing and the Riverfront.

While the Hoffman is currently an office building, it has sat vacant for a few years and is time to be brought back to life. Advantes' plans call for a concourse to be erected over Clamorgan Alley to connect to the offices at the Peper Lofts. This allows for contiguous office space to be created among the Peper Lofts and the Hoffman buildings. As many of us know, the Peper Lofts Building is home to marketing firm, Abstrakt.

The Greeley Building's 48 Apartments fulfil the plans originally eyed by Philadelphia based Red Rocks Group. Their plans called for apartments in the Greeley Building with additional units in the Hoffman Building. Their plans would've totaled nearly 60 apartments spread out over two buildings. They walked away from the project after it was found that the project would be 30% less than what was needed to make the project feasible.

According to the Business Journal, where this story was learned from, Advantes has the buildings under contract and hopes to have them in their possession in April. The addition of two buildings being brought back to life in two ways is a much needed shot in the arm for Laclede's Landing. These two developments, in addition to Drury's Witte Hardware Building refurbishment, Katherine Ward Burg Garden and the Lucas Street Extension, could pave the way for future infill on the Landing. Until then, the Traders Building, at 2nd and Morgan, is in need of a new use after talks of it becoming another residential conversion stopped.

The map below gives you an idea of the ongoing and planned developments along with the Traders Building Block.

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