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Apartment Building Planned at 5540 Fyler

What is currently vacant, “T” shaped lot between St. Louis Fire Department credit union and a recording studio in the 5500 block of Fyler Avenue will soon be home to a multi family building. According to the City of St. Louis building permit records website, a building permit was applied for on December 20th for a $2 Million multi family building. Other than that, not much else is known. The architects name is not listed and the amount of units in the building was not specified. If built, it will be the first new apartment building in North Hampton in years but not the most recent apartment develolment. The most recent is Garcia’s Apartments at Hampton and Mardel.

Christopher McNulty is the developer of the project.

I am working to get more information on the project from 23rd Ward Alderman Joe Vaccaro (that’s if he has any information).

This story was learned by a tip sent in from one of my viewers. If you have a tip, please send to

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