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Transit Oriented Development Planned at the North Hanley Metro Stop

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

The recent influx in Transit Oritented Development proposals now has another sizable addition, University Crossing.

St. Louis based Bywater Development is planning a 60-unit workforce and affordable apartment project on the Southeast corner of the North Hanley Transit Center parking lot. The development will also include 2000-3000SF of commercial space that could potentially house the new corporate offices of Bywater Development and some retail space.

Bywater is no stranger when it comes to Transit Oriented Deve3lopment. they recently completed a 60-unit senior apartment development at the Swansea, Illinois Metro stop. The $11 Million project opened earlier this year. The two projects carry many similarities (design, unit count, being majority affordable, same architect), t the main differences that separate them are that North Hanley is not geared towards seniors and North Hanley is 4 floors in height while Swansea is 3-stories. The rendering below is of the Swansea project.

The project is being designed by Chicago based Worn Jerabek Wiltse (WJW) architects. No timeline has been given on the project. As it currently stands, Bi-State has yet to approve the sale of the 2-acres of land to Bywater. Reception from Metro has been positive so there should be no issue with getting the land sold. The name of the development, University Crossing, is a nod to UMSL, which is located just South of here.

No timeline, cost, or timeline has been given in regards to University Crossing, but those details are expected to become clearer as this project moves through the approval process.

Nearby, Indianapolis based Pearl Companies is planning a $60 Million TOD project at the UMSL South Metro station. The development will sit on land formerly occupied by the Immaculate Heart Convent and by the City of Normandy City Hall and Police Department Buildings. The development will include 237 Apartments, 20 townhomes (both for sale), 21 single family homes, a grocery store, retail space, and some event space.

When all is said and done, both the University Crossing and Pearl Companies project will have added 338 residential units and homes to this section of North County.

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