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7-Story Apartment Building Planned at 201-215 North Meramec in Clayton

At 201-215 North Meramec, just north of Downtown Clayton, lies a field where several buildings used to stand. In May 2020, two office buildings and an apartment building were demolished with no development plan known. Uncertainty surrounding the future of the pandemic, and economy at the time, made for an interesting discussion on just what would eventually go on this site. And now, as we head into more economic uncertainty, we now know what will replace those former buildings.

Keeley Properties, the Clayton-based developer behind such projects as 4545 Laclede (Marlowe), the Euclid, and is continuing to plan a project in Cortex while presently building Olive Crossing with Keat Properties in Olivette, has proposed a 7-story apartment building here.

The building, which is being designed by Trivers, will include 206 apartment units with a 272 space parking garage. A small neighborhood cafe will be located on the first floor. Plans call for the building to be clad in brick and metal. Based on a materiality diagram, the colors are assumed to be a cream and brownish colored brick. Metal accents appearing bronze, and some gray textured paneling. Because there is no colored rendering yet, it's assumed these colors can change depending on feedback from neighbors.

The structure will be built with wood frame over a concrete podium. Units on the Meramec side will be 2-story, walk-up style townhouse units. The building also steps as it rises on the western side of the development site. The Expo at Forest Park, another Trivers designed development, did this well in the City and it helps break the massing up while "stepping down" to the neighboring buildings level.

An application for the development was made to the City of Clayton on October 3rd with plans being posted today (October 4th). The first hearing is scheduled to occur on Monday, October 17th. Development costs are estimated at $50 Million, or about $247,718 per unit.

Clayton has been undergoing a building boom for a few years now that is bringing, and has brought, tons of new office, residential, hotel and retail space to the city. Forsyth Pointe, Residence Inn at Shaw Park, Bemiston Place, Ceylon, The 212, AC Hotel, 50 South Bemiston, 10 South Central, the redevelopment of the Caleres Campus, and now 201-215 North Meramec are all projects that, when all are completed, should make Clayton more vibrant than it currently is.

I'll update the post once more information is published and colored renderings are released.

A view of the buildings that used to occupy part of the site. Photo taken May 3rd, 2020.

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