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3000 Locust to be Redeveloped

Midtown Alley is known for its businesses, well kept historic buildings, proximity to SLU and its nightlife. It is also known for hosting a nice mix of office and residential space. That stock is about to grow with more space planned by a development firm named “Midtown II LLC”. Details are specified in an LCRA document where the firm requested 3000 Locust be blighted and that a 90% tax abatement lasting 10 years was approved. They both were which means this project is basically a go, but what will it consist of? Let me tell you.

The building (3000 Locust) will be completely restored for nearly $4.8 Million. The project will consist of 17 apartments and 5 commercial spaces, which is another way to say retail space. Also included is 8100SF of office space. The redevelopment of 3000 Locust will also spruce up the building as new windows will be cut where they once were. As seen in the photo gallery down below, those brick patches will be removed. The brick will also be tuckpointed. Along Locust, the terracotta facade will be restored to a fine white look. The glass block windows will be removed in favor of normal glass.

In all, the building will look completely new when the project is completed. As far as a construction start date goes, it remains a mystery, but I will keep you all informed on this post, in the Forum or on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll also try to get to renderings (if there are any). As for Midtown Alley, the street is booming. I counted at least 8 “coming soon” signs in storefront windows during my visit down to Midtown Alley. At Compton and Locust, an ongoing feud between a Church and the Preservation Board is all surrounding a brick building that the church wants to demolish for a parking lot. Why can’t the church just sell the building to a developer to do something like 3000 Locust? I don’t know why but maybe the church is being selfish, but forget the church, Midtown Alley is booming and I expect it to continue to boom especially with the upcoming Midtown Village/Jefferson Connector Project.

Below are images of 3000 Locust and Midtown Alley. The last image is of the building at Compton and Locust.

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