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2667-75 Washington Could be Renovated

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Despite an ongoing economic recession as the result of the coronavirus, a new real estate listing has appeared that features renderings for a redeveloped set of buildings on Washington Boulevard just East of Beaumont. The buildings, whose addresses are 2667-75 Washington and total 15,500SF of space, have been vacant for some time and are in varying stages of decay.

The marketing materials, from Central West End based SmartEquity, state that the buildings will be redeveloped into retail and office space. The least rate is advertised as $12 modified gross, but that seems a bit too conservative for potentially newly redeveloped buildings. When the buildings are looked up on the city website, they are owned by different owners with no building permits issued recently. So while the marketing materials may hint at a upcoming redevelopment, it isn’t confirmed by any means. In fact, this may be one of those situations where if a tenant signs on, then the building or space will be removed to the tenant’s liking.

If this series of small projects happens, it will be yet another addition to the ever changing Midtown neighborhood. This, in addition to the Jefferson Connector a block South, 2656 Washington, and 2649 Washington will create a newly revitalized part of the Central Corridor that helps connect Midtown and Midtown Alley to Downtown and Downtown West. All these projects sit within a few blocks of the MLS Stadium, which is currently under construction with site prep ongoing.

I will seek more information regarding these projects and will provide updates when available. No cost or timeline was provided in the listing for the properties. That listing can be accessed here...

Below is another rendering of the buildings and a Google Street view showing the buildings currently.

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