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2000 North Broadway to be Redeveloped

Currently. North Broadway North of the Stan Musial Bridge is depressing. Multiple buildings lie vacant and dormant and some look like they are ready to collapse. But a major shot in the arm, to be developed by Blackline Design+Construction, could help bring new life to this area. As the Business Journal reported, 1920 North Broadway will be renovated and turned into office and warehouse space for Greater than Games. That company is moving from the suburbs to this area. The cost of renovation of 1920 North Broadway is projected to be $5 Million and is also being done by Blackline.

As for 2000 north Broadway, plans seem even more grander. Office space is offered here but so is industrial, warehouse and light manufacturing. Planned is a major overhaul of the building, built in 1903, at a projected cost of $20 Million. Plans call for...

  • New windows to be installed

  • Bricks to be cleaned.

  • New roof.

  • New signage.

The remainder of the project, dependent on tenant buildout, is customizable. If the tenant wishes to have creative office, they can have that. If the tenant prefers light manufacturing, they an have that. It's really up to the future tenants on what they want here.

One downside to the plan calls for the demolition of the single story portion of the building along Broadway for the construction of a secured parking lot. While parking is needed up there, demolition of the single floor section seems overly excessive but ultimately it makes the development more viable for attracting tenants. It's also needed as tis portion is collapsing.

Construction should begin in the Summer of 2020 and wrap up a little while later. Depending on tenants, plans can change.

Combined, 1920 and 2000 N. Broadway will bring $25 Million to this somewhat forgotten about area North of Downtown. Whether or not other investments into surrounding properties follows remains up in the air. It is unclear whether or not Blackline will seek incentives to carry out the redevelopment.

Leasing document for interested parties:

Below are photos of the building in it’s current state. The redevelopment will be welcome for sure.

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Matthew Chapman
Matthew Chapman
23 juil. 2021

Any updates to this? All I've seen happen is that the building on the NW corner of the block was demolished and a fence erected. Nothing more.

As for 1920, I think Greater Than Games abandoned this plan and has gone elsewhere.

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