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KDG Planning 13-Story Apartment Building in Clayton

Clayton-based KDG, which was formed out of the merger of the Koman Group and Keeley Development Group, has proposed a 13-story apartment building to replace the 7-Up Soda Company HQ/Former World Trade Center at 111-21 South Meramec.

According to plans filed with the Clayton Architectural Review Board, the existing 11-story building, which was built in 1964 for the 7-Up Soda Company, will be demolished. In it's place, a new 13-story mid-rise will go up. Just North of there, on a current vacant lot at 111 South Meramec, a 6-story building will rise. Combined, these two buildings will consist of 244 luxury apartment units. 12,000sf of retail and commercial space will front Bonhomme and Meramec Avenues to create activation on the two street facing facades.

Due to the elevation change of the property along Bonhomme, the retail space facing Bonhomme will be a floor lower than it's counterpart on Meramec.

View from South Meramec Avenue.

The mid-rise structure will be built in a "T" shape with the top of the "T" bordering Meramec Avenue. This portion will be built using a concrete structure. The shorter, 6-story wing of the complex will be in an "L" shape and will be built out of wood framing over a podium base. Based on floor plans, there will be 9 apartments on the first floor of the 6-story wing. A pool deck and amenity spaces will be in the 13-story portion. Parking will be dealt with via a new 44-space garage underneath the 6-story portion of the building. The remaining parking will come from the neighboring Clayton on the Park garage.

The project is expected to cost a total of $70 Million to build. According to KDG, the project is still early on in the development process, so a timeline can't really be provided right now. 111-21 South Meramec will go before the Clayton Architectural Review Board on November 2nd for initial approval. Chris Cedargreen and the Lamar Johnson Collaborative are the architects on the project.

The design of the building is modern with the 13th floor of the tower portion standing out due to the penthouse look. That design mimics the existing building at 121 South Meramec somewhat. The facade material will be primarily glass but will also include composite panels, fiber panels, and wood. Amenities, beyond a pool, will include a fitness center, dog park, courtyard, as well as collaborative and individual workplaces in the commons areas.

Aerial rendering showing the proposed building in context with neighboring structures. Clayton on the Park is the blueish color building on the right.

The project was born out of a RFP issued by the St. Louis County Port Authority for the property about a year ago. Responses were due back no later than February 3rd, 2020. It was rumored for several years now that KDG, whose home office is in the neighboring "Clayton on the Park" complex, intended on turning the current property into about 100 apartments. In recent years, it came out that the existing building had structural issues, which has led us to this new construction proposal, which will significantly increase density on the parcel, which is about 2.5 blocks from the Clayton MetroLink station.

111-21 South Meramec joins a series of apartment projects proposed and built in Downtown Clayton over the years. The 212, The Barton, Ceylon have been the most recent additions and have brought 599 apartments and retail space to Downtown Clayton. 2B Residential's/Balke Brown's Bemiston Place project will bring an additional 236 apartments to Downtown Clayton. In total, between the 4 mentioned and the new, 111-21 South Meramec project, Downtown Clayton will have seen an influx of 1085 luxury apartments in the past 6 years or so. That's in addition to the numerous new condos and single-family homes built in the Clayton City Limits in the past several years.

The project joins KDG's packed pipeline that will transform numerous neighborhoods when all projects are completed. Their pipeline includes...

  • Hue at Chroma (co-developed with Green Street): 111 Apartments - nearing completion.

  • 4545 Laclede: 205 apartments - just started.

  • Cortex K: 120,000sf of office space and 160 apartments - proposed.

  • Olive Crossing (co-developed with Keat Properties): 300,000sf of office space, 160 hotel rooms, and 50,000sf of retail space - under construction

Additional Renderings and Floor Plans

The photo below is of the existing structure that is set to be replaced by this project.

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