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Jan 14

Transit X in St. Louis


So some talk is starting as to whether or not allow a private company to invest money into a public transit system that is elevated, run by solar power and requires no public subsidies to be completed. It would be privately financed by Transit X, a company based in Boston. According to them, they are going to begin building a pilot route in the suburbs of Atlanta. Transit X hopes for it to be a great alternative to MetroLink but also something that improves Metro. The first route will be 54 miles (that's if its completed) and fares will be pretty cheap. Transit X would cost $6 Million per-mile to build while MetroLink North-South will cost $40.7 Million to build.


Other highlights...

- $319 Million total for started line

- 15% of population to be within walking distance is stations (5 minute walk)

- No public subsidies

- Can be easily expanded

- Full route could be built in one year as construction can be "mile a week"- $30 Million pumped into local economy off of fees and taxes.


CityScene STL piece:

Opinion STLToday Piece:

Official Proposal:,MO-phase_1.pdf?fbclid=IwAR00QHNAgtpD54WRaDzW_vmszmiZrlF7AqU8-JQiz6B4784P7sWC_2DpRKc

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  • Fox 2 News is reporting that MODOT has suspended construction on the bridge replacement project at Shrewsbury due to "credit card sized cracks". Nothing says quality like having to reconstruct the bridge in the summer because it is structurally not sound. Fox 2 News: MODOT suspends construction of I-44 bridge at Shrewsbury Let's also not forget the multiple bridge replacements from Macklind to Grand on 44. In other words, just stay off I-44 from Laclede Station to Grand till Late 2019 just to save yourself a headache.
  • This is meant to help bikes get first priority when crossing Vandeventer. In my opinion, it's a waste as drivers will ignore the box and proceed all the way up to Vandeventer but I give props to Trailnet for creating something like this. The rendering may or may not hint at future changes to come to Vandeventer.
  • The updated Metro Reimagined plan includes: Shorter waits with 13 high-frequency MetroBus routes operating every 15 minutes or better during the day – currently, there is only one route that operates 15 minutes or faster, and only three routes operating 20 minutes or faster. 34 local MetroBus routes operating every 30 minutes, instead of the 40-minute or 60-minute service that many of today’s routes operate. Service added to the plan in response to customer feedback. Introducing Wi-Fi, mobile ticketing and other new technology to improve your transit experience. New innovative transportation options for areas where a 40-foot bus doesn’t make sense Above information from Metro's website. Link can be found here: Metro Reimagined