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Oct 21, 2018

4143 Manchester - Everest Bar Expansion



This expansion adds more space for the Everest Bar along with 6 apartments up top. Of the 6, 4 will have small decks overlooking the Grove. The developer is St. Louis based Restoration St. Louis. Construction should be done by Late 2019.

New Posts
  • The FPSE had a document from 2017 that shows plans for a new development along with improvements in the area. This is located off the I-64/MO-40 off ramp heading east. Based on some research, it may be a Raising Canes. Here is the link to the document as well:
  • The old Kroger store will be turned into a party venue. This post will be updated with data. Developer: The Spencers Architect: Trivers
  • These 12 townhouses replace the now abandoned "Hasta La Vista" apartment buildings. These new townhouses will be built on the two vacant lots in front of the Core @ South Newstead project. Each unit will include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small private front garden and a shared alley area. Developer: Need to Find Architect: JEMA Cost: $1.5 Million? Other renderings... Down the street some... Directly in front... Alley 1. Alley 2.