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Dec 3, 2018

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I think the "active" topics link is not working :(

[@Drew Behrens] Yeah. I’ve been working on it. I’ll see what I can do

New Posts
  • We need to really rock and roll to get this city to back into being a good tourist town. That means it to get busy and really clean things up. Welston used to be the city of Industry and now it's the city of violent gangs. Their city administration seems to support the violence that is caused by the gangs. I think we need to step in and go nuts in cleaning up the areas known for trouble like Welston, Pagedale, and much of North St. Louis.
  • In the state of Arizona, there is a pizza parlor that has a theatre pipe organ. And many times, the organ comes up and plays for the guests. I think we should have a pizza parlor just like Organ Stop Pizza. I think it would be great if this city could have one as well.
  • The list is meant to help the public identify where Tower Cranes currently are in St. Louis. This list was updated on January 8th, 2019 to remove the Centene crane. Ballpark Village: 3 Cranes SLU Hospital: 2 Cranes Element Hotel - Prospect Yards: 1 Crane (currently a stump) One Hundred: 1 Crane The Muny: 1 Crane Washington University East End: 1 Crane COCA Expansion: 1 Crane TOTAL CRANES: 10 UPCOMING... 4101 Manchester: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected in April) EVEN by IHG Hotel at Locust and Jefferson: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected in June if construction starts in Q1 2019) AC Hotel Central West End: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected in May if construction starts in Q1 2019) Rainier One Apartments on Pershing: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected by June if construction begins in Q1 2019) AC Hotel Clayton: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected in August if construction begins in Q1 2019) Shaw Park Apartments: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected in July if construction begins in Late Q1 2019) Clarendale of Clayton: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected by June if construction starts in Q1 2019) Lot A Hotel at the Fountains: 1 Crane (estimated to be erected by May if construction starts in February 2019) The Boulevard Phase 2: Potentially 2 Cranes (estimated to be erected by April if construction starts in January 2019) TOTAL UPCOMING CRANES: 10 The possibility of having 21 cranes in the air at once is not possible as Centene, SLU Hospital's, Muny and at least one of Ballpark Village's cranes will come down. The last one of these is expected to come down in Early April. Therefore, we have a chance at having 16 cranes in the air over St. Louis in August of this year. That number could either grow or shrink depending on rate of construction of the projects and if any surprise cranes pop up across the area. I didn't know COCA or the Muny was supposed to have a Tower Crane but sure enough, they have one. Here are some photos of the current cranes... One Hundred Ballpark Village Element Hotel SLU Hospital The Muny COCA Expansion Washington University (picture coming soon).