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Oct 28, 2018

AC Hotel by Marriott (227 South Central)


Edited: Feb 6


This AC Hotel will be the third in the region and will replace the old Clayton Police HQ. The hotel will add 207 Rooms to the hotel market in St. Louis and is a block North of the MetroLink station.


Developer: Homebase Montana (Homebase Partners) and Koplar Properties

Architect: The DLR Group

Builder: Paric (assumed based on CWE AC Hotel)

Height: 130FT

Floors: 11 Floors

Cost: $43 Million

Construction Begin: Spring 2019

Construction End: Fall 2020


Former renderings...

Early 2018

Late 2018


Oct 28, 2018

An additional rendering looking up at the building from South Central.


New design to be presented at the February 20th Clayton Architectural Review Board Meeting.


View Looking North

View Looking South

View Looking West


Updated renderings...


Lobby Level




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  • No renderings yet. This project will be built where older structurers currently stand in the heart of Downtown Clayton. The project is expected to include a hotel and condos. Retail space will also be included. this project comes as Clayton seeks to classify this area as an entertainment district. NOTE: Thread title will be updated when development name is released. Developer: Fred Kummer Architect: TBA Builder: TBA Cost: $270 Million Floors: TBA Height: TBA Usages: Condo, Retail and Hotel Construction Begin: 2020 Construction End: TBA Story:
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