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Jan 4

Mystery Development (Boyle Ave & Maryland Ave)


There is a new development that I happen to walk past at this particular intersection. Does anyone know what it may become? Also, will they finally open up Maryland to flow into Boyle?

Jan 4Edited: Jan 4

@Ornella Balley, From what I can find, it is a 4 unit apartment building. About time this project started. As for connecting Maryland to Boyle, most likely not.



Current status as of today.

Pretty small floor plan but a second building could be built next door at a later date. At least this will add to the neighborhood.



Thank you Chris for the info! This will add a bit to the pedestrian commute along Boyle. However, I was looking for more of a mixed used development since we already have some business there. But I do see why they kept it residential.

Because of how the current under construction building only takes up about half the block, the other half could have a building built on it at some point. So the idea of adding retail space, in a later phase, is still up in the air but could happen.

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