Be Seen on CityScene STL. 

Greetings! If you are seeing this message, then you are probably interested in advertising on CityScene STL. 


Advertisements are new on this website so things are different than what they would be on other websites (Ex: STLToday, NextSTL, The Business Journal, etc). How they are different are defined below...

  • No large banner advertisement on the homepage.

  • No sidebar.

The reason for this is because the website isn’t designed to support that format. To make those fit, a redesign would have to be initiated that would ruin the simplicity of the website. Therefore, things are different here.


CityScene STL has 5 locations for advertisements on the website. Those are…

  1. Homepage, on the left side beneath the story block. It is where the “crane count” sits right now. Nearly a quarter (25%) of viewers in a month utilize the homepage as their starting point and by scrolling down to the story block, users are guaranteed to see your ad.

  2. Halfway through a story and done in thin banner format. 95% of viewers read at least one story a month. 75% of the readers read the stories in their entirety. So you are guaranteed to be seen in a story, especially it is about something new or highly anticipated. Other stories are not guaranteed to have the same success. Offered in weekly or monthly deals. Stories with your ad in it will see the advertisement go away after the deal has ended and the offer to relist on those stories is gone. These are done is slideshow format so 3 spaces are offered.

  3. As a sponsored post. (75 words minimum, 500 words maximum and can be posted once a week). This will also appear in the story block on the homepage and on Twitter and Facebook. The post must be approved before payment. The post can be for a new business, apartment building or office building.

  4. On the footer, a small logo* of your company will be seen on all pages as a “Friends of CityScene STL”. Only offered in a yearly format.

  5. Simple Twitter and Facebook link to your website. This is the simplest and cheapest form of advertising. CityScene STL reaches nearly 400,000 combined views on Twitter and Facebook a month. One post per week offered.


Pages like the Forum, Information, the Project Map or Webcams are prohibited for advertisements. By design, only the Friends of CityScene STL ad will appear as that is in the footer.


Advertising rates are as follows and your investment in advertising on CityScene STL cannot be negotiated by a set amount of clicks or views of your website at the end of your campaign. If it’s a phone number or visitor count, no rate can be negotiated on how many phone calls or visitors you receive by the end of your campaign. They are all set rates. There are also no contracts but advertisements are bought by either the week or month. If you decide to pull your ad halfway through the week or month, your money will not be refunded.


  1. Homepage, on the left side beneath the story block: $63 per week. $270 per month**.

  2. Halfway through a story and done in thin banner format: $84 per week. $360 per month**.

  3. Sponsored post: $1 per word. Minimum: $75 a post per week. Maximum: $500 a post per week.

  4. A Friend of CityScene STL (small logo on the footer yearly): $500

  5. Simple Twitter and Facebook link to your website: Flat rate of $10 per tweet and Facebook post ($20 combined). Can be split if you prefer one platform over the other. Only one post per week allowed.


Advertisements will only be posted if approved. Porn, strip clubs, edgy, lingerie, political advertisements (for candidates or causes***) or GIF ads are not allowed. Real estate (homes, office/retail/warehouse space for lease, real estate company, and lot) listings, architecture firms, local restaurants, local shops, local events, local hotels, and local attractions can all be listed. Exact links must be submitted as well to see if they route to the website or address represented in the ad. Once approved and verified, an email will be sent confirming your ad buy and a link will be returned to you to buy your spot through the checkout page.


Upon the transaction being approved, your advertisement will appear the following Sunday. This allows for easy tracking of days to prevent an early or late removal unless specified by you. If you wish to have the ad taken down early, it will come down but the money invested will not be refunded.


Thin banner ads are as they sound. They span the story and must be colorful, but not too colorful. If need be, CityScene STL will design a simple banner ad for the purpose needed. A review process will make sure the client (you) are happy with the advertisement. Most of these, made by you or me, will come with a photo background and words on top. Some may come in a simple format as given or requested by the client.


ALL ads can be clicked on and taken to the meaning of the ad whether it be a website or address on a Google Map. All websites will be vetted first to make sure it’s not a cover-up for the banned advertisement items. Websites without proper HTTPS security are iffy but allowed. However, if malicious pop-up ads and fake virus detection things pop up, ad will be canceled.


Contact me about your advertisement at Sample advertisement must be submitted and a link must be submitted as well. You will be contacted back, after approval, for further steps. 



*- The logo must be in a vector format and in the color white. It will appear better in the footer than a colorful logo. You can have a colorful logo down there but it may not be as noticeable as a white colored logo.

**- Denotes monthly differences. February is the cheapest month while months with 31 days are the most expensive. Add or subtract $10 or $13 to either month for rates for other months. Rates are shown for 30 day months.

***- Causes include petitions, parades celebrating anything besides 4th of July, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day parade. PACs are also banned causes.


RATES CAN CHANGE. Depending on viewership numbers for a year, rates can go up or down. The more viewers, the higher the number goes. Fewer viewers, the lower the number goes. In-depth monthly reports can be provided to repeat advertisers. If no advertisements are running at any particular moment, things will remain the way they are currently.


AD BLOCKERS: These ads will be run via picture format, so ad blockers will not block these ads. Because they are in picture format, the website will continue to render just as fast as it does now so speed for users is dependant on their WiFi or cellular connection.


RECURRING CLIENTS: If you continue to advertise on CityScene STL (more than three months in a row), you are eligible for a 25% discount on all advertisement rates. Social Media advertisement posts become free as well. This offer ends if you decide to not advertise for a week but can be earned back after a three-month window has passed. If a year has passed with continual investment, a 50% discount is applied and the rate stays the same regardless if overall prices go up. For example, if rates go up in January 2020 and you have been advertising from the start in April 2019, the 2019 rates still apply to you.